Company Policies

Reservation Policies

Reservations should be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Forms of Payment: Payments can be made in cash or with a credit card.

If you have a reservation made and no longer wish to travel please contact us to cancel your reservation.

Unpaid reservations are not guaranteed.

Check-in Policies

When traveling from our Orlando Terminal, check-in begins an hour before the departure time. Customers must be checked-in by the Jet Set Express receptionist between 60 and 30 minutes prior to the departure time in order to retain their reservation and avoid cancellation. Any customer that has a reservation and checks-in after this time is no longer guaranteed his or her seat.

Cancellation Policies

No changes or cancellations within 24 hours of the departure date.

Changes are accepted when made at least 24 hours in advance from the departure date. A credit for the full amount paid must be used within 30 calendar days of the initial departure date.

Refunds can be issued when requested at least 24 hours in advance and a $2 fee will be assessed for each passenger per one-way.

If you have a reservation made and no longer wish to travel please contact us to cancel your reservation.

Privacy Policies

Jet Set Express, Inc. will only use your personal information to contact you regarding special promotions, events, and reservations made.

Good Service Policies

To build good reputation it is necessary to keep a close eye on changes and take proactive actions to satisfy customer needs and exceed customer expectations. We are committed to providing safe, well-maintained vehicles manned by an elite group of professional drivers whose mission is to make every trip an extraordinary experience. If you are unsatisfied with the services you received or you have any suggestions to help us offer a better service we would love to hear from you!

Travel Policies and Restrictions

Jet Set Express' pick-up and arrival times are estimates and are not guaranteed. Jet Set Express is not responsible for delays caused by breakdowns, road, traffic, weather or other conditions. Any delay or deviation from scheduled times and/or substitution of services from another company will not merit compensation.

In the event of a delay or deviation from scheduled times caused by breakdowns, road, traffic, weather or other conditions it is the responsability of the passenger to contact Jet Set Express for more information.
Should the passenger wish to not wait for the bus to be repaired or replaced or accept the deviation from the estimated schdule times and choose to utilize other means of transportation to their destination, Jet Set Express will not reimburse the passenger for any costs or offer compensation in any form.

Each person is responsible for their own belongings while using our services. If your luggage is valued at more than $100USD, including its contents, then supplemental insurance must be purchased while checking in. If supplemental insurance is not purchased during check in, then Jet Set may be liable for up to $100USD per piece of luggage.

Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a passenger at 15 years of age or older and fill out the accompanied minor form found here. Children ages 8 – 14 may travel alone but their parent or guardian must fill out an unaccompanied minor form that can be found here.

Luggage is limited to two checked bags, no more than 45 pounds a piece and 27 cubic feet and one carry on per person. Overweight or oversized bags will be charged an additional fee of $10 minimum. All carry-on and checked luggage are subject to search.

A carry on is considered a regular size purse or backpack. Luggage style carry ons are not permitted. If you would like to check additional items a fee of $10 per item will be assessed*. (*upon availability)

Our company reserves the right to deny service to any individual who disturbs the driver, passengers or in any form prevents Jet Set Express, Inc. from rendering its services properly.

Outside food and beverages are not permitted onboard the motorcoach.

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